Tuesday, June 19, 2012

But I want more money...

I frequently receive emails from job applicants with salary requirements.  For most jobs, that is entirely appropriate.  However, if the job you are applying for lists a specific amount as the hourly pay, do not bother to apply if you are not comfortable with that rate.  And certainly, do not ask for a rate that is double the hourly rate listed.  You are wasting your time.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Advice Corner: Why You Aren't Being Called for an Interview

As a Human Resources Director, I am frequently asked what the biggest mistake job applicants make in applying for a job.  The answer is simple and may surprise some people.  The biggest mistake applicants make when applying for a job is not bothering to read trhough their cover letter, resume and other documents.  I will not contact an interviewee who makes a spelling error in his or her cover letter or resume.  It is that simple.  I recommend that you read through your resume and other documents several times and then ask a friend or trusted colleague to do the same. 

It's that simple.  Don't be an Unemployable Idiot. 

Ivy League Idiot

Last week I got a cover letter that said "I was graduated from {Ivy League school name removed to protect the institution} with honors".

I "was" graduated...  Guess they didn't teach proofreading at that Ivy League School. 

Welcome to our blog, Unemployable Idiots

This blog was created out of frustration and amusement. 

I am a Human Resources Director at a small organization who is quickly losing patience with the recruitment process.  I was at lunch one day with other human resources professionals and we were having a conversation about the worst applications for jobs we ever received.  I laughed so hard I started crying. 

I also realized that many applicants may not understand what a bad first impression they are making when they send a cover letter with another company's name in the body of the letter, a resume with incorrect spelling or just paling don't listen to or follow the directions laid out by the ad for the job.  So we decided to start a blog as a warning to others and for our own amusement of some of the terrible job applications we have received. 

We hope you enjoy Unemployable Idiots!